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            【www.nicheologybonus.com - 高三年级英语作文】


              Are You Happy

              Two year ago, Chinese biggest TV Channel played an interview which brought great response to the audience. The interview is about a journalist asked a worker that if he felt happy, the worker didn't react what the question is, he answered that he his name is not happy. The interview became hot, everyone was taking about it, "Are you happy" has become a greeting when people meet, they made fun of it. The reason why the interview becomes so popular is that people lack of sense of happiness today, they find a way to make fun of happiness. As the development of technology, people live in a fast-pace lifestyle, the pressure from work is so heavy that people focus too much on work, they don't have time to relax, many people bring the work issues to home, keeping busy all the time. We should find the balance between work and family life, try to enjoy life.



              两年以前,中国最大的电视频道播放了一条采访片子,引起了观众的巨大反应。采访是关于一位记者问一位农民工“你幸福吗?”,农民工没反应过来,他说他不叫幸福。这条采访片子很热门,大家都在谈论,“你幸福吗”成为了人们见面时的问候语,成为了一个玩笑。这条采访片子红的原因在于人们对幸福感的缺失, 他们找到了开玩笑的方式。随着科技的发展,人们生活节奏变得很快,工作的压力太大以至于工作投入过多,他们没有时间去放松,很多人把工作事情带回家,一直 工作。我们应该找到工作和家庭生活的平衡点,多享受生活。